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The name Valetudo recalls the discovery of VALETUDO, a moon of Jupiter, which was discovered by Scott S. Sheppard back to 2016. It has a prograde orbit, but it crosses paths with several other moons that have retrograde orbits [1]. This new “oddball” moon is such a unique being, the discovery of which has proved the existence of several larger parallel satellites outside Jupiter a long time ago.

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Remark: Valetudo LOGO

When we first came across it, it immediately reminded us of the wedding gown business we are in. Each dress we have created is a precious and unique being for you, regardless of age, Sexual Orientation, skin color, and certainly body figure. Most of us certainly already had a sketch of the ideal dream dress in our mind from childhood or in youth. We are just gonna wake it up and bring it to life. 

Believing for so long, Elim(Chief Designer) and the tailor team spare no effort to transform their know-how from Haute Couture wedding gown industry to the mass bridal market meanwhile I share the same fundamental interests. The unique designer’s dress for the most important day in our life won’t necessarily make us bankrupt.

I grew up in the world center of the textile industry in Hangzhou, China and during my parental leave in Berlin, I decided to found Valetudo to bring the crazy idea to reality. So since May 2019, brides in Berlin are so proud to design their own, perfectly fitting dreaming dress together with my professional brides’ consulting team in our Showroom Prenzlauer Berg. So join us! You don’t try on thousands of dresses to find THE ONE, you simply create it by yourself! Coz that’s you, that precious moon.

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